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Trim Oath

This is my body, there are many bodies like it, but this one is mine.

My body is my life; I must master it as my life depends on it.

There are things in life I cannot control; my body is not one of them.

In times of stress I will NOT lose control of my body.

I own this body and no one will respect it the way I will.

I am a reflection of my body; I will take pride in its presentation.

I understand my body has needs; I must satisfy those needs.

I know my body needs nutrients; fuel is the essence of its survival.

I will condition my body; it must always be prepared for battle.

My body needs recovery; therefore I will give it rest.

If I keep my body healthy; I empower my mind.

If my mind and body are strong, I cannot be defeated.

This is my body –this is my opportunity –this is my life.

-Brent Agin, MD

copyright 2010

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