Making Bodies Better

trim scienceTrim Science

Trim Nutrition’s patent pending HES 10, a proprietary blend of 10 herbs, is the driving force behind several current and new nutritional products. There are already 3 studies conducted on weight loss using this herbal combination with favorable results. Trim is in the process to begin more clinical trials using HES 10 in the areas of appetite suppression, and metabolic enhancement.

Furthermore, Trim Nutrition is considered a leader in the development of Intravenous and Injection nutrient compounds and protocols and has applied for grants focusing on the use of these compounds in viral suppression and performance enhancement. Trim has already seen a reduction in cold sore outbreaks (herpes simplex virus type 1) in their clinical observation trials and hypothesize this could also be seen in other viral syndromes. These protocols have also been used on several triathletes in preparation for competition and have 100% positive outcomes measured by improved personal best times in races. Trim Nutrition will be starting phase 1 trials using their protocols for Triathlons and other competitive athletes.

The New Balanced Diet

Good nutrition is a standard in health but nutritional requirements are very different for each individual, therefore a healthy diet will vary. Trim not only looks at the science of how foods and nutrients impact the body in regards to health and disease, but also on the drastic differences in dietary habits and food choices. The science means much less if the problem lies not in the nutrition, but rather in variable consumption. The American Medical Association (AMA) defines nutrition as “The science of foods, the nutrients and the substances therein, their action, interaction and balance in relation to health and diseases”. It does not state what form the foods and nutrients must be, but just the relation to health.

Trim has focused on the nutritional deficiencies driven by food processing, poor dietary habits, medications, stress, sedentary lifestyles, and several other causes. Because of these factors, they have found that nutritional supplementation has become instrumental in the dietary regimen of most and a necessity in many cases. 

The average consumer does not eat close to the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and the majority consumes most of their calories from highly processed foods in 1-2 meals per day. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released Dietary Guidelines for Americans at a time of rising concern about the health of the American population. The information supported that diets are getting worse with less consumption of nutritionally important food groups and the incidence of obesity is climbing.

Trim is utilizing their own doctor formulated supplements to help counter the rising issues of poor nutrition with protocols directed at combining supplementation along with healthy food choices to get the right amount of nutrients per day. Supplements were once thought of as simple weight loss tools and ways to improve athletic performance, but are now becoming dietary staples.