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What TeleWellnessMD® Does for Trim® Nutrition Clients

You’ve probably heard the good news that Trim® Nutrition recently launched a new online wellness management platform, TeleWellnessMD®.  What does this mean for you?  This convenient, user-friendly platform serves to provide a safe and easy way for you to connect with our network of wellness medical professionals.  Here’s how it works!

What does TeleWellnessMD® do?

The platform offers accessible wellness management options for clients through convenient consultations with wellness providers offered nationwide Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

Because national health regulations require a consultation for prescription compounded products, TeleWellnessMD® provides easy access to refills of your favorite products.

What are the benefits of using TeleWellnessMD®?

  • Affordable wellness consultations
  • Fast and convenient prescription refills
  • Basic and comprehensive hormone laboratory testing
  • Access to personal wellness advisors
  • No consultation needed for oral nutraceuticals only
  • Coming Soon- Auto payment and refill options, new products and services!

As a TeleWellnessMD® client, you have access to affordable products and services and personalized wellness plans for weight management, disease prevention and anti-aging.  Wellness plans assist you with managing: vitamin and nutrient deficiencies; hormone imbalance; immune support; athletic performance improvement; antioxidant support; inflammation reduction; improved sleep quality; energy improvement through metabolic enhancement; natural and wellness support to most medical conditions.

Can anyone use TeleWellnessMD®?

To use the services of TeleWellnessMD®, you must be over the age of 18 and maintain an established relationship with a primary care physician with routine checkups.  TeleWellnessMD® does not provide primary care medical services.

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About Our Partners:

Telemedicine is elevating access and convenience of medical care to a higher standard. TelewellnessMD® provides client care for age management, general nutrition and weight management needs through an online platform and network of wellness medical providers.  Consultations are available nationwide Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.  All TeleWellnessMD® clients maintain an established relationship with a primary care physician including routine checkups. TeleWellnessMD® does not provide primary care medical services or prescribe any scheduled drugs.  For more information visit

Trim® Nutrition
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Trim® Nutrition’s product line includes vitamins, supplements, protein shakes, bars and proprietary vitamin injections compounded in our certified, licensed pharmacy using the highest quality ingredients.  Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, for more than ten years Trim® Nutrition’s clinical staff of physicians, pharmacists, registered nurses and research and development specialists are dedicated to the mission of Making Bodies Better™.  For more information visit

Empower Pharmacy
Empower Pharmacy works with TeleWellnessMD® to provide doctor-formulated compounded pharmaceutical products.  Empower Pharmacy strictly adheres to all guidelines outlined by the United States Pharmacopeia's Chapter <797> for the compounding of sterile pharmaceutical preparations. Furthermore, Empower Pharmacy follows the guidance provided by the FDA’s Compliance Policy Guide (CPG) Sec. 460.200 “Pharmacy Compounding.” Federal, state and consultant agencies have performed detailed inspections of their facilities assuring compliance with the necessary regulations to ensure client safety.  For more information visit

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