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National Smoke-Out Day

Did you know November 21st is National Smoke-Out Day?  The global day of observation is intended to encourage people to abstain from tobacco for a 24-hour period.  Ultimately, this day, and the abstention from tobacco, is intended to draw attention to the widespread reliance on tobacco.  By doing so, health professionals hope to draw even more attention to the negative ramifications of tobacco addiction.

National Smoke-Out Day was launched by the World Health Organization in 1987.  Since then, the movement has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm and support from people all over the globe.

How Do You Celebrate?

What does National Smoke-Out Day mean to you?  Have you recently quit smoking?  Is November 21st a holiday for you, a chance to congratulate yourself on your amazing accomplishment?  Or maybe it is the perfect time to reflect and remember those you love who have suffered from the devastating effects of tobacco addiction.  Perhaps it is the ideal time to join an anti-tobacco cause and help raise awareness.

Or maybe, National Smoke-Out Day is the chance you’ve been waiting for.  Maybe it is the perfect excuse to finally kick your unhealthy habit.  Are you ready?  Do you want to quit depending on tobacco?

TeaZa Can Help!

Have you tried to quit tobacco?  Have you realized it is easier said than done?  Perhaps all you need is a little support, encouragement and oral stimulation.

TeaZa is the perfect solution to all your addiction dilemmas.  It is the ideal quit-smoking-aid because it is comprised of healthy, all-natural ingredients.

Many people gain weight when they try to quit smoking.  Fighting the urge associated with oral stimulation is one of the hardest to break.  When quitting tobacco, people often turn to food to provide the necessary enjoyment for their mouth.

Fortunately, TeaZa will help keep unwanted pounds at bay.  The TeaZa energy pouch will provide all the oral stimulation your mouth desires.  When cravings strike, simply slip the pouch in place.

If you want to quit tobacco, November 21st is the perfect day to give it a try.  Stock up on TeaZa products and you’ll be all set to go.  Kick that nasty habit once and for all!