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Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Trim Nutrition affiliate program pay?

There are several affiliate levels and compensation models.  For new affiliates or current customers who refer friends, the CPA (Cost Per Action, sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA) payout is 10% of the sale. In other words, if you refer a customer to who makes a purchase for $300 your standard affiliate payout would be $30. For affiliates with established websites or that show an ability to bring qualified traffic, we regularly increase payment percentages.  Currently our highest affiliate levels pay upwards of 20% per sale.  In many cases it is not difficult to qualify for a premium affiliate level.  Please contact with information about yourself and your website in order to be considered for a payment level increase. 

 How often does Trim Nutrition make affiliate payments?

Trim Nutrition processes affiliate payments once a month. Members will receive payments for sales older than 30 days as long as the payment totals at least $30.00.  If you would like us to hold your payments until they reach a higher level, please just increase your Payment Release Level in your primary affiliate menu.  New affiliates may, in rare cases, see their payments held for security purposes during their first payment period.

 Is it difficult to get set up with the Trim Nutrition affiliate program?

Signing up is a simple process. Once you have submitted your application and have been approved as an affiliate, you will have several links and banners to choose from. You will be given a simple string of HTMl code to post on your website or blog. You may need to seek assistance from your webmaster if you do not know how to ad HTML to your site. Trim Nutrition’s tech department can also assist you for a nominal fee.  

Can I create links for the Trim Nutrition Affiliate Program?

Yes, you will be provided an affiliate link code in your affiliate menu.  You will also have access to a variety of quality banner designs with your link code already embedded.  It is just a matter of copy and paste for most websites.

 How will I be paid?

Currently we are offering payment via check.  In the future we plan to also offer payment directly to your PayPal account.   

What is Auto Withdrawal and how is it different than manual?

The auto withdrawal feature means that we will automatically process any qualifying balance once a month and automatically pay you.  Our program also gives you the ability to manually request a withdrawal.   We strongly encourage you to not use this method.  Payments will not be sent out any faster and choosing this option may result in a missed payment.  Please make sure your affiliate account is set to “auto withdrawal”.

 What is a Reserve Level?

This is an amount that you wish to keep in your account as a running balance.  We do not encourage you to set a reserve level.

 Are there any rules I should follow?

Yes.  It is very important that you do not make any unverified claims or provide false evidence as to the effectiveness of any of our products.  Any affiliate found to be falsely representing our products may be subjected to immediate termination.  The trim products are very high quality and we have a sterling reputation within the weight loss and nutrition community. We expect you to uphold a high standard of ethics when representing our products.

 How am I allowed to promote your products?

Our preference is that you promote our site through an article or banner on your website.   We also encourage people to provide their affiliate codes to their friends and family.  Promoting your link through most social media channels is also encouraged.  Most other methods of promotion are discouraged and can potentially result in account termination.  If you have a question about a particular promotion strategy please contact

 Am I allowed to promote your link through email?

We allow the promotion of the affiliate link through email as long as it is to a personally built opt-in list.  For lists larger than 5,000 names or that do not have proper opt-in credentials, we ask that you use domain masking and take extreme care not to associate Trim Nutrition with the email.    

What is my referral code?

Your referral code is a 6 digit number that you can provide to people.  When they check out they will be asked for the code.  Sales that use your code will be attributed to your affiliate account.  Some affiliate levels have customer discounts associated with their referral codes.